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   Nov 12

Sierra Leone: Football team felled by ‘sex drug’ doping

A women’s football team from Sierra Leone suffered an humiliating defeat after taking an aphrodisiac administered by their coach, it’s reported.

The country’s national women’s under-20 squad was thrashed 10-0 by Nigeria after their coach, Hannah Williams, administered the herbal medicine, Kenya’s the Daily Nation reports.

The team was “rendered ineffective” by the drug as the players seemed weakened by “unusual menstruations and diarrhoea”, according to the Sierra Leone Football Association.

The defeat on 28 October dashed the team’s chances of qualifying for the 2014 Fifa Women Under-20 World Cup in Canada and the coach was sacked.

The Daily Nation reports that Williams admits administering the drug in the hopes it would boost performance. The herbal medicine in question is made from Eurycoma longifolia, a plant said to boost athletic and sexual prowess. The plant is said to be in such high demand as an aphrodisiac that it is now considered a protected species.

Source: BBC

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