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Jan 25

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Buy Kudzu Root, Ge Gen, Pueraria (100g) GMP KPC 5:1 Concentrated Extract Powder

Subject of a recent BBC program - Trust Me I'm A Doctor

Modern Usage: Ge Gen was first described in the Chinese materia medica, Shen Nong Ben Cao (200 B.C.). Both the roots and flowers of Ge Gen have been used to treat alcohol abuse, drunkenness, and hangover ( "jiu du" or alcohol poisoning) safely and effectively in China for more than a millennium. [1] Now it has been tested in addiction to smoking and is considered to have the same effect, reducing the addiction in a month time. Puerarin promotes osteoblast to differentiate by influencing the activity of ALP and promotes bone formation by the meditation of estrogen receptor. [1] Being used in heart and brain diseases due to lack of blood circulation.

Effects on coronary: Ge Gen decoction, alcohol extract, total flavanoids, and puerarin have significant expansion of coronary blood vessels effect.

Effect on smooth muscle: Ge Gen contains ingredients that can contract and also relax of smooth muscle. The ingredients that cause contraction can be choline, acetylcholine and kassein R and other substances. The ether extract of ge gen can cause smooth muscle relaxation. The ingredients have been proven to be glycitein and daidzein. They clearly can inhibit the acetylcholine-induced ileum contraction of mice, and the effectiveness is about one third of that of papaverine. Because Ge Gen mainly containing flavanoids, particularly daidzein with anti-acetylcholine effect, the clinical use of Ge Gen is mainly for antispasmodic.


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Source: Courtesy of Complementary and Alternative Healing University