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Jul 20

How Do I Start? – Chinese Medicine Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine Products like Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Are you a Chinese Medicine or Herbal Medicine practitioner? (see below) Or a member of the public? (see below under everyone)

Who is a practitioner?

Anyone who is a member of a recognised professional herbal medicine body, also doctors (MD, GP), dentists, vets and supplementary prescribers. Some of the professional herbal bodies include RCHM, CPP, AHG, NCMH, NIMH, URHP, ATCMAMH etc. also universities, schools and teaching establishments of practitioners.

Overseas practitioners are accepted on the basis of qualifications and membership of similar professional bodies. Anyone who has proof of insurance cover to prescribe herbal medicines is also accepted, please email a PDF we can keep on file. All have access to buy Chinese medicine and other herbal medicine products at practitioner prices.

Practitioners need to create an account:

In the shop (under Shop – Order Online) or click here. Registered/qualified practitioners, doctors, dentists, vets etc. as above are automatically accepted but a practitioner account is needed to fully display all the relevant products and prices. In some cases if your professional body is not listed then we may need to check your qualifications before activating your account.

Everyone else:

Non-practitioners can only buy from the shop (under Shop – Order Online) any products currently displayed. These products are only despatched when payment is received in full and/or cleared. Payment by credit/debit card is normally required. Please note this is a secure facility. You need to create an account even if you are just wanting to download the free software (see Shop area or click here).

Product Not Found! usually means practitioner account access only, visit your practitioner for advice on this.

Knowledge Base:

The website holds information for the purpose of interest only. Searching by condition name e.g. thyroid, eczema, arthritis etc. May bring up this information. The Knowledge Base is free and searchable and also includes a feedback area. Please read our disclaimer (or click here) in regard to any information/content on this site. Herbs and Helpers are not responsible in any way for the content of any external websites.

Finding products and ordering:

Find products by either using the search box to find what you want or looking it up under the relevant category or A-Z listing (All Products) above the listed categories.

Please note you may now also enter conditions in the search box e.g. eczema, which will search our Knowledge Base also.

Select products displayed by adding to your shopping cart. You can then adjust quantities/delete items in the shopping cart until you are satisfied. Postage is calculated automatically and many items are postage free.

Click here to read our Terms and Conditions.

All products are sold subject to these conditions. Follow instructions on screen to complete the order and payment, deciding on delivery addresses etc. You will get a confirmation email and your account will allow order tracking/progress etc. Your order will be processed as received and sent to you/the address you specify. All practitioner orders will be sent to the practitioner.

Policy on Supply

We supply raw materials and start up materials to qualified practitioners (see below) in quantities of 1g upwards. Normally orders for small quantities on the same order will be sent in the same container which must be re-packaged/assembled in your own practice. Pre-packaged raw materials or start up materials (KPC) in 100g units can also be purchased.

Start up or Raw materials include:

  • All KPC Chinese herbal medicine granules (5:1 concentrated extract powders) with Full European Quality Control (COA) and Testing
  • Empty vegetarian capsules (Certified Vegetarian)
  • Any herbal material in raw, dried, crude, powdered or crushed form
  • Any bases used in cream making and plaster applications
  • Any herbally based fluid bases or concentrates

Finished products or those requiring an MA or THR license:

In accordance with MHRA guidelines any existing stocks of unlicensed finished products will continue to be sold until expiry dates are reached or current stocks are exhausted whichever is the sooner and includes:

  • All tablets
  • All filled capsules

These products will be available to everyone.

Other products:

Items that are considered cosmetic, nutritional or otherwise will be continued to be sold as these are not considered medicines.

From 1st May 2012 SPECIAL OFFERS END:

Previously, from time to time, we have offered Herbs and Helpers ®️ Automatic Total Traceability and Stock Management Practice Management software Batch Master PRO at a reduced price.

However due to extensive recent updates click here although current price is not being increased, no further discounts will apply, even at events as before … Thank you early adopters! You can still get a 30 day FREE trial though! (under Shop – Order Online) or click here

If you have any problems please contact:-

Lorraine Hodgkinson Medical and Chinese Herbalist (A.H.G. M.R.C.H.M.)
43a, Melbreak Avenue,
Cumbria, UK,
CA13 9AE
Telephone:- +44 (0)1900 826392
E-mail:- sales@herbalmedicineuk.com

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