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Jul 24

Formulation Herbal Medicines – Step 2

Herbal Medicine Products like Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Formulation Herbal Medicines – Quality Processes:

KP’s proprietary technology can achieve the world’s most advanced herbal extraction for each individual herb and herb formula. KP invests in its facilities and experts. Investing in expertise enables KP to determine each herb’s optimal extraction temperature and duration, offering the best extraction of classical herbal formulas available on the market.

Formulation Herbal Medicines

During the formulation herbal medicines formulation stage herbs are carefully weighed and alternatively combined to create both traditional as well as custom formulas. All single herbs and formulas are processed according to the tenets of Chinese medicine and the traditional decoction procedures (i.e. decoction of the formula or pre-decoction of ingredients in vinegar, wine, ginger-solutions, some herbs are stir-fried, wine fried, etc.)

Herbal and animal substances are being selected according to the C.I.T.E.S regulations (protection of endangered botanical and animal species). Substances occurring on the C.I.T.E.S list are accompanied by a certificate, guaranteeing its cultivated origin.

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