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Kaiser Pharmaceutical Company (KPC)

We offer full total traceability, for your safety as well as the highest quality tested products in the business.

We look forward to receiving your orders and anticipate your satisfaction with our products.

Herbal Services and Solutions | Established 1993

The Herbalist | Lorraine Hodgkinson AHG MRCHM

“Quality Herbal Treatment With Chinese & Western Herbs Undertaken”

Over 30 years Experience Practising in Cumbria | Qualified | Insured | Professional

Herbal Materials Testing Service

Using the Total Anti-Oxidant Capacity of Herbal Materials to Assess Quality and Activity

Herbs and Helpers ® are Fully CITES Compliant

Black Rhino Horn Conviction

EHTPA Study and Latest Findings

PA Containing Herbs – What You Should Know

Quote from the Bible:

“… and the leaves of the tree were for the healing and the restoration of the nations”

Revelation Chapter 22 verse 2

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43A, Melbreak Avenue, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 9AE, UK.

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