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Jul 24

Chinese Herbal Granules Concentration – Step 4

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Chinese Herbal Granules – Herb Concentration and Granulation:

After extraction, the decocted herbal liquid flows out through a valve directly into a state-of-the-art concentration system. The decoction liquid slowly evaporates in a low-temperature vacuum system. The low-temperature preserves the potency of the herbal extract’s potency which would be otherwise damaged under extended exposure to high temperatures.

Chinese Herbal Granules

Chinese Herbal Granules

In a completely enclosed chamber, protected against cross-contamination, the concentrated herb extracts undergo a non-continuous granulation process known as flow coating. The concentrate is sprayed on starch particles of the same herb(s) and is vacuum dried at low temperature.

Chinese Herbal Granules – Formation:

The concentrated herbal extract, now in the form of a viscous liquid, is piped into a flow coater. The flow coater (granulator) sprays the concentrate onto minute particles of a base material as the moisture slowly dissipates. With the moisture evaporated, the granules are dry and ready to be packaged. The flow-coater’s process is automated and it is completely sealed off to prevent the possibility of cross-contamination. The base material are formed from a ground up version of the herbs themselves. The granules can be pressed into easy to swallow tablets or encapsulated.

Once the formulas or the single herbs are modified towards their dry granular form (Chinese Herbal Granules), they are siphoned into a separate clean-room to be bottled, labelled and sealed. Automated machines press them into tablets and eventually pour them into containers.

Naturally, it is normal for the resulting granules to vary slightly in color, texture or aroma, reflecting the variations in the source herbs from which it was produced. KPC’s herb granule extracts are produced in batches with each batch assigned a unique lot number, which can be found in the bottom corner of the bottle’s label.

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