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Jul 24

Herbal Extraction Process after Cleansing – Step 3

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Herbal Extraction Process after Herb Cleansing:

Once the best herbs are selected and sorted from substandard herbs, they are cleaned and prepared according to a protocol customized for that herb. Dirt and other foreign materials are meticulously removed and the herbs are then sliced or prepared with traditional pao zhi methods before being cooked in a large vat, called a rotary extractor.

Herbal Extraction ProcessIn a process used exclusively by KP, volatile oils are removed and later reintroduced. Single herbs and formulas are cooked in large vats of water in a closed and controlled environment (PH-monitoring, decoction time-monitoring). The extraction and condensation process result in an extracted liquid (4x and 4y+z) final products.

Herbal Extraction Process Rotary extractor: Spins to mix the herbs in a decoction liquid while increasing temperature to cook the herbs. The precise extraction temperature and timing is strictly controlled. This extractor also features a KP-patented essential oil retrieval system. This essential oil retrieval system allows the vat to capture and preserve the volatile oils, which are reintroduced when the herbs are in the granulation phase. Essential oils increase efficacy and infuse the herbs with their natural aroma.

Herbal Extraction Process

KP’s goal is to deliver ‘high efficacy in minimal dosage’ to its customers. KP’s laboratories apply the latest advancements in technology to constantly achieve better efficacy. The KP campus maintains state-of-the-art laboratories and an ISO 9001:2000 pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility.

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