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Jul 04

Qi Essence Ltd – Home of Optimised Blends – QEL Herbal Materials Testing

qellogoOptimised Blends

At last herbal medicine products with guaranteed activity over shelf life, batch to batch consistency.

Organic, non toxic, fully bio-degradable

QEL Herbal Medicine Materials Testing

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Current Services for herbalists, herbal medicine makers, suppliers etc

Yes we have bothered …

Coming up Organic, Non Toxic, Anti-bacterial Lemon Foam Soap – silky soft, disinfected hands, even with multiple daily use. No nasty surfactants, detergents, harsh drying chemicals that may dry, damage and irritate skin. Main component stronger than Tea tree, anti-fungal, anti-norovirus. Friendly handbag/airport ready size, economical, easy spread lemony foam.

Also Rescue Your Nose! Fully natural, safe way to tackle short and long term consequences of nasal polyp issues. Be happy, breathe easy!