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   Oct 09

Daily fried food doubles diabetes risk in pregnancy: harmful chemicals in items such as chips or fried chicken thought to affect how body controls sugar

Eating fatty foods dramatically increases the risk of ‘gestational diabetes’

One in 20 expectant mothers develops the condition according to experts

If undetected, it can lead to premature birth or babies dying after labour

Women eating fried food daily were 88 percent more likely to get diabetes

Experts advise pregnant women to eat a healthy balanced diet

Pregnant woman who eat fried food every day double their chances of diabetes, file photograph

Women who eat fried food every day are nearly twice as likely to develop diabetes during pregnancy, according to a major study.

Those who regularly enjoy chips, an omelette or fried chicken are at much higher risk of gestational diabetes – a temporary condition that affects up to one in 20 expectant mothers.

Researchers at Harvard University in the US believe that frying releases harmful chemicals into food which affect how the body controls blood sugar.

Gestational diabetes occurs when pregnant women fail to produce enough insulin causing their blood sugar to become abnormally high.

If not detected and treated, it can lead to a premature birth, the baby being very large or at worst dying shortly after labour.

The condition normally occurs in the final three months and women are advised to have a caesarean as the risk of complications is so much higher.

The diabetes usually disappears as soon as the baby is born and is caused by certain hormones released in pregnancy reducing the effectiveness of insulin.

Researchers at Harvard and at the US Government’s Department of Health looked at data on 15,027 women over a ten-year period. All had filled in questionnaires about their diet and lifestyles including how often they ate fried food, meat, fruit and vegetables, how much they drank and whether they smoked.

Women who ate fried food seven times a week were 88 per cent more likely to develop gestational diabetes compared with those who had it less than once a week.

The study, published in the journal Diabetologia, also showed that eating it four to six times increased the risk by 16 per cent.

Lead researcher Dr Cuilin Zhang believes that frying releases chemicals which impair the body’s ability to control blood sugar. These include transfats which may weaken the effect of insulin.

He said: ‘The potential detrimental effects of fried food consumption on gestational diabetes risk may result from the modification of foods and frying medium and generation of harmful by-products during the frying process.’

Researchers from Harvard University, pictured, found overweight women were at a greater risk

Dr Zhang, from the US Government’s National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, also urged women of reproductive age to cut back on fried food to reduce their risk.

‘Our study indicates potential benefits of limiting fried food consumption in the prevention of gestational diabetes in women of reproductive age,’ he said.

Symptoms include being thirsty, needing the toilet and tiredness – just like normal diabetes – and it can be treated by diet or pills to lower the blood sugar.

Women are more at risk if they are overweight, aged over 25 or have a family history of diabetes.

Last night Dr Richard Elliott, from Diabetes UK, said: ‘This study does not show that eating fried foods is a direct cause of gestational diabetes, but does highlight the link between an overall unhealthy diet and weight gain in the development of the condition.’

He added: ‘It is very important that women who plan to become pregnant lead a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet and taking regular exercise to reduce their risk.

‘Once diagnosed, women with gestational diabetes must be given support to manage the condition as if left untreated, in some cases it can lead to complications, including stillbirth, and increased risk of caesarean section.’

Source: Daily Mail

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