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   Aug 24

Boswellia Supplement Reduces Symptoms of IBS in New Study, with Fewer Side Effects than Drug Treatments

A new study, published in the European Review for Medical Pharmacological Sciences,1 sought to determine whether Indena S.p.A.’s (Milan) lecithin-based delivery form of Boswellia serrata as branded ingredient Casperome can control or attenuate symptoms associated with mild Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) more effectively than standard IBS medications. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a chronic gastrointestinal disorder, is said to affect 10%-20% of the adult population, but it frequently goes unnoticed and untreated. Indena says that Casperome’s “full natural bouquet of triterpenoids” may provide quick relief from symptoms of IBS, with fewer side effects compared to standard drug treatments.

In total, 71 participants enrolled in the study. The subjects, all of whom had idiopathic IBS but were otherwise healthy, agreed to follow one of three management strategies: the medication Buscopan (hyoscine butylbromide), administered when needed; 10 mg of the medication Antispasmina colica (papaverine hydrochloride with 10 mg belladonna extract), administered when needed; or a daily dose of one 250-mg tablet of Casperome. The study was conducted over a period of four weeks. IBS symptoms were evaluated by subjects once during the week before inclusion and again in the week before the end of the four-week study period. In addition, the study authors conducted basic blood tests and fecal examinations before and after the study period.

While researchers observed improvements in IBS-related symptoms such as abdominal pain, altered bowel movements, meteorism, and cramps for all three groups, the group given Casperome demonstrated even greater improvements in IBS symptoms than did the other two groups. IBS symptoms in the Casperome group decreased from 58% to 12.5%, and the number of subjects who needed medical attention decreased to 4.1%. The study authors also point out that the prevalence of side effects in the other two groups was significantly higher than in the group supplemented with Casperome. The group given Buscopan had a prevalence of side effects at 28%, while the group given Antispasmina colica had a prevalence of side effects at 26%.

According to Indena, the study results strongly suggest that while standard extracts have been shown in previous studies to attenuate the symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases, Casperome’s unique lecithin delivery system of Boswellia serrata extract may be even more effective in reducing symptoms associated with IBS. According to the study authors, larger studies in populations with a wider distribution of signs and symptoms are in progress.


Belcaro G et al. “Supplementation with lecithin-based delivery form of Boswellia serrata extract (Casperome) controls symptoms of mild irritable bowel syndrome.” European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, vol. 21, no. 9 (May 2017): 2249-2254

Source: Nutritional Outlook

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