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Hai Zao (1g) Bai Ji (100g) Shan Zha (100g) Xiang Fu (100g) Xing Su Yin (1g) Gou Teng San (1g) Selected Boxed Chinese Teas (4) Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang (1g) Sang Shen Zi (100g) Tong Cao (100g) Chong Wei Zi (1g) Luo Shi Teng (100g) Gan Jiang (1g) Yu Xing Cao (100g) Jin Ying Zi (1kg) Fu Pen Zi (1kg) Yue Ju Tang (1g) Extra 3 months email support package Bei Xie (100g) Lian Zi Xin (100g)

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E Bu Shi Cao (100g)

DESCRIPTION: Disperses Wind-Cold, removes super...


Shui Zhi (100g)

DESCRIPTION: Breaks up and drives out Blood Sta...


Ci Shi (100g)

DESCRIPTION: Anchors Liver Yang and calms the S...


Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan (- Fu Zi) 100g

DESCRIPTION: Aversion to Cold. Watery stools wi...


Qi Wei Bai Zhu San (100g)

DESCRIPTION: Strengthen the Spleen Stop Diarrh...


Xiao Zhi Wan (100g)

DESCRIPTION: Functions: Clears heat, cools b...


Fu Shi (100g)

DESCRIPTION: Clears Heat from the Lungs and tra...


Chuan Hua Jiao (100g)

DESCRIPTION: Warms the Middle Jiao, disperses C...


Wu Xue Yeh (100g) - Gymnema sylvestre

Available. Ordered per shipment, check on current ...


Hong Jing Tian (100g) - Rhodiola

DESCRIPTION: Fortifies the Spleen and tonifies ...

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