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   Jul 09

What’s Causing Your Premature Graying And Natural Remedies To Reverse It

If it isn’t you, likely you know someone else who’s in their 20s or 30s who already has strands of gray hairs sprouting from their scalp (or face, if it’s a male). I know I’ve seen a lot of young people with this problem, and indeed a problem it is.

It’s definitely not normal for youths to get gray hairs and it’s not alright for older people to get it either. In our society, we have grown accustomed to seeing gray hair being associated with old age and stress, but in actuality, it has a deeper connection to your overall health.

When you have a healthy body, your hairs won’t turn gray…period. For example, there’s this woman named Ann Wigmore who was in her 50s and was plagued with all sorts of health problems and rocked a head full of grays.

However, by simply switching to plant-based foods and smoothies, she was able to get rid of the health problems that plagued her and surprisingly, her hair started to turn back to it’s natural color.

This isn’t shocking news in the natural community, where we see this happening all the time. So for those who are witnessing a couple of strands or even patches of gray hair, you need to see past the white hairs to the real problem your body is having.

What it means when you start to have gray hairs

Whatever age you are, when you start to see gray hairs, there’s an issue. For the most part, like balding, it means that your body is severely lacking in a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, copper and iodine.

Your gray hairs could also be pointing to other illnesses and health problems you currently have, such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Grave’s disease, anemia, Chrohn’s disease, celiac disease, weakened blood vessel integrity, weak immune system, fish tapeworms, intestinal bacterial overgrowth, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Pretty much, gray hair is a major warning sign that you are very unhealthy and could be on the verge of a stroke or other cardiovascular disorder, among other things. So don’t take this lightly.

Reversing graying hair from the inside

Since graying hairs have everything to do with what’s going on inside of your body, it’s very important that you attack there first.

Covering up your grays with dyes or even natural products like henna or indigo isn’t a good idea either. The problem with Western medicine is that we are always covering up symptoms, rather than eliminating the cause.

To eliminate the problem, you have to focus on cleansing and nourishing your body. It doesn’t matter what health problem you have, doing a full-body detox and changing your diet will reverse the problems and get your body back on track.

Detoxing is a quicker way of cleaning things up, but diet and nutritional smoothies alone can be used to reverse illnesses and graying, just like with Ann Wigmore.

To detoxify your body, you can use herbs like burdock root, yellow dock, dandelion root, spirulina and even bentonite clay.

Nourishing your system with kelp, irish moss, bladderwrack, boabab, moringa, spirulina, amla and hemp is also ideal (better than any fruit or veggie smoothie you can make).

I highly recommend consuming more kelp because it’s known to keep your hair it’s natural color. I like to sprinkle it on my veggies and add it to my smoothies. It’s great for thyroid health as well. As for diet, plant-based is indeed the best!

Attacking your gray hairs from the the outside

If you want faster results, you can also use natural remedies for reversing gray hairs. But don’t skip the last step because it’s important that you get rid of the problem so that it doesn’t return.

Here are a couple of natural remedies you can try:

Amalaki and coconut oil: Mix together amalaki powder in a pan of coconut oil. Allow the powder to become charred, then strain the oil. You can apply this to your hair and scalp for at least an hour before washing it out. You can also leave it in overnight. You can do this twice weekly. Some people mix dried amalaki berries with coconut oil and apply it nightly.

Sage and Rosemary: Take two cups of water and boil 1/2 cup of each herb for 30 minutes. Then allow it to sit for three hours. Apply it to your hair and scalp. Once it has dried, wash it out. You can do this weekly.

Onion juice and Lime juice: Mix these two together, equal parts. Rub it into your hair and scalp daily.

Combining one or more of these methods with an improved diet will eventually get rid of your gray hairs. Hopefully, you will stick to a nutritious diet, so that you can stay healthy and prevent future health conditions and graying. Remember, these tips can be used by the young and old!

Source: Black Hair Information

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