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   Feb 26

Washed, but NOT ready to eat! How bagged salads are doused in eight-hour old tap water with unhealthy levels of chlorine

In 2013, Sainsbury’s recalled all its own-brand bagged watercress because of an E.coli outbreak that made 18 people ill.

Another expert, Professor Hugh Pennington, professor of microbiology at the University of Aberdeen, has previously claimed that certain types of bacteria found in pre-cut salad bags could be almost impossible to kill completely.

Salad requires plenty of water to grow and if that water is contaminated by bugs such as salmonella, they can live in salad cells until eaten. His comments followed a Health Protection Agency investigation into an outbreak of Cryptosporidium infections, linked to ready-to-eat salads, affecting 300 people in England and Scotland in May 2012.

Source: Daily Mail

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