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   Sep 16

UK man fined for selling colloidal silver as cancer cure

Guy Chapman reports from the U.K. : A West Mersea man was fined £750 and £1,500 costs after pleading guilty to promoting colloidal silver as a cancer cure. He follows Stephen Ferguson and Errol Denton, live blood practitioners and acolytes of Robert O. Young, who is currently on trial for practising medicine without a license.

Man is fined after selling “cancer cure” which he made at home (From Chelmsford Weekly News).


A man claiming to sell a cure for cancer has been fined £750 following an investigation by Essex Trading Standards.

Steven Cook, 54, of East Road, West Mersea, was charged with an offence under the Cancer Act after suggesting Colloidal Silver was a treatment for cancer.

Trading Standards said the website implied that the product can cure cancer – and this is an offence under the Cancer Act.

This is the third conviction in a year under an Act that has historically barely been used. The advantage of the Cancer Act is that it has a bright-line rule: it is an offence to take any part in an advertisement to treat or cure cancer, and this obviates the need for expensive expert testimony into whether the treatment is objectively bogus or not (though of course it always is).

Thanks Guy!

Source: Doubtful News

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