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   May 12

U.K. Health Secretary Hunt: Needs to buy a clue

Well, at least the U.S. doen’t have this bad of a Health Secretary…

Chief Medical Officer Rejects Pro-Homeopathy Studies Submitted by Health Secretary.


Health secretary Jeremy Hunt pushed pro-homeopathy studies on to the chief medical officer and asked her to review the treatment’s perceived medical benefits, despite the NHS stand on alternative medicines, which regards many of them unproven.

Hunt, who is responsible for running the NHS, is said to have asked Prof Dame Sally Davies to review three studies which examined the possible health benefits of homeopathy.

The studies were sponsored by a homeopathy manufacturer, Boiron.


Despite the overwhelming evidence that homeopathy is completely baseless and the results show that it doesn’t work, Hunt continues to promote it. As far as I can tell, Hunt has no medical or science training.

Jeremy Hunt Sent Pro-Homeopathy Studies To The Chief Medical Officer.


Source: Doubtfulnews

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