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   Mar 13

Need a guilt-free alternative to orange juice? New fruit juice derived from a FLOWER could be the answer

A company says it has created a drink that counteracts the effects of sugar

Contains Pinitol – a naturally occurring plant compound in bougainvillea

Manufacturer claims Pinitol lowers the blood sugar surges that occur after a person consumes something sweet – this reduces diabetes risk

With sugar coming under fire for causing obesity and heart disease, many people are looking for an alternative to their breakfast orange juice.

Now, one drinks company claims it has come up with a revolutionary beverage that can counteract the negative effects of sugar.

The drink contains a naturally occurring compound called Pinitol – derived from the flower bougainvillea.

The drink contains a naturally occurring compound called Pinitol – derived from the Asian flower bougainvillea. Pinitol has been shown to help prevent blood sugar spikes

This, it is claimed, can mitigate some of the harmful effects associated with sugar by lowering the blood sugar surges that occur in the body after a person consumes something sweet.

Pinitol is registered as a prescription supplement for the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases by the Food and Drug Administration.

It has also recently been officially approved as an effective natural ingredient for diabetes prevention by South Korea.

The Simply Great Drinks Company has created a drink which is says contains a plant compound that counteracts the impact of sugar on the body

The Simply Great Drinks Company – which has created juices with extracts of apple, carob and grape – says the blend was created by a team of bio-medical consultants led by Dr Sepe Sehati.

He said: ‘There are a number of modifiable risk factors involved in causing diabetes.

‘A significant one is constant over-stimulation of the complicated mechanism that keeps our blood sugar at the optimum level.

‘When over-stimulated by enormous surges of sugar from sweets and soft drinks the pancreas can gradually become exhausted and the production of insulin diminishes, resulting in diabetes.

‘Pinitol has been shown to significantly lower the area under the plasma glucose response curve and in doing so it lowers the surges of sugar.’

He added: ‘The science has provided compelling evidence that Pinitol can have benefits for treating hyperglycaemia, insulin resistance state and the associated complications.

‘Future research is warranted and underway to provide more definitive answers.’

Dr Sehati explained that drinking a 125ml glass of the drink every day for 12 weeks is enough to have the desired effect on blood sugar.

He said: ‘The approach is a major breakthrough in tackling some of the harmful effects of sugar in juice and juice drinks.’

Source: Daily Mail

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