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   Sep 11

Natural Remedies for Coronary Heart Disease

Heart is that important organ of the body that regulates and circulates blood flow and also maintains the purity of blood. There are various reasons which could contribute to heart diseases.

The number of people attracting this disease has increased in the last few decades. Though a variety of medicines are available for treating and managing the problem, natural remedies could be a safer and equally effective way.

Natural Remedies

A very popular and effective natural way to treat heart disease is to drink warm milk with a clove of garlic in it before going to bed. Following this for a few days results in a noticeable change in the patient’s health.

People suffering from angina along with high blood pressure should drink soup made of bottle gourd and leafy vegetables. Consumption of oil and too much spice should be avoided.

Drinking ginger juice with honey improves the condition of the heart and reduces any chest pain.
Grind some pomegranate leaves with water. Strain and drink.

Consuming food items which are rich in Vitamin B and E- like egg yolks, sardines, low fat dairy products, lentils and green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits make the heart stronger and healthier.

Consuming beet and grape juice on a regular basis help prevent various types of heart diseases.

Another very popular natural remedy for coronary heart disease is consuming a mixture of cardamom, root of the banyan tree and leaves of the wild snake gourd. Powder all the ingredients and mix with a little ghee (clarified butter, available in Indian stores)

Eating one amla per day helps to treat heart disease. This should be consumed on a regular basis as amla is a fruit which is rich in Vitamin C.

Lifestyle Change

Smoking poses a great risk for people and especially those who are suffering from heart disease.

Smokers with heart disease should stop smoking immediately once their disease has been identified.

Following a regular pattern of periodic check-up is extremely essential for those who suffer from coronary heart disease.

Chronic diseases like blood pressure level and diabetes should be under control. They should be monitored on a regular basis.

Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy body weight contributes to the well being of a heart patient. Stress should be avoided as it can increase heart problems.

Source: Health Watch Centre

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