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   Apr 30

Multiple Uses of Mulberry

Mulberry has been considered by Ayurveda as the world’s oldest system of holistic healing. The powered extracts from roots, leaves and fruit of the Indian Mulberry have been used as a sedative and for many other Ayurvedic medicinal purposes.

Mulberries can be eaten as fruit and can also be used to make juices, sauces, muffins, cakes, cookies, tarts, wines, ice creams, smoothies, yogurt and jam. Black, red and white mulberries are used for making sherbets and are literal powerhouse of nutrition. Rich in Vitamins B, C, K and the element iron they are excellent source of antioxidants. The leaf itself contains 18 amino acids while the mulberry fruits have a number of phytochemicals.

Indian Mulberry are used for various medical purposes like eye problems, skin wounds, gum and throat problems, respiratory problems, constipation, stomach pains and post delivery pains are treated using its leaves, flowers, fruit and bark. Its leaves can also be used in throat infection. Heated leaves of mulberry can be applied to the chest, in order to relieve coughs, nausea and colic. The fruits of mulberry are cooling and they can be used to treat fever, depression, and sore throat. In Ayurveda mulberry is used to soothe the nerves, relieve tiredness and fatigue. A simple home remedy for mouth ulcers and enlarged glands is to gargle with a solution of mulberry sherbet. Make this solution by adding 1 tsp of mulberry sherbet to a cup of water. It also activates immune system of the body and has been tremendously helpful to combat leukemia, which is induced by retrovirus infection. So next time when you come across this word “Mulberry” don’t just think of silkworms or jams and jellies think of the myriads of ways this system of healing uses the Mulberry for your good health.

Source: Kitchen Platter

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