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   Jun 15

MMS pushers holding another secret conference in UK; BBC exposes it

A sequel to the story we posted last week on a bleach solution (MMS) promoted as an alternative treatment for cancer in a secret promotional event, now the same item is claimed to “purge” autism. Bogus indeed.

“A self-styled “reverend” who claims autism can be “purged” by swallowing bleach is exposed by an undercover BBC investigation.”

Source: ‘Miracle autism cure’ seller exposed by BBC investigation – BBC News

Leon Edwards sold one bottle of liquid labelled as 22.4% sodium chlorite and a second labelled as 4% hydrochloric acid together to an undercover reporter and showed him how to mix it (for a fee).

“When the BBC sent the chemicals to Kent Scientific Services, an independent laboratory, they were found to be 57% and 45% stronger than the advertised concentration respectively.

Mr Edwards told him: “It’s helping people get well from all sorts of diseases – cancer, HIV, malaria. It’s cleaning the body out. And nearly all the illnesses are getting removed with this.”

Edwards claimed to the reporter that he uses the stuff in various ways himself. Doctors not only say this is by no means effective against autism (or cancer) but it can be dangerous to ingest especially for young children where it will eat away internal tissue.

Last month, we shared a story about a secret paid conference in Sussex promoting MMS. They must keep it secret because of the protests that will inevitably occur from people who know this is dangerous chemicals, not a valid treatment. The BBC also learned the secret location of this latest conference about MMS – a manor house in Farnham, Surrey. The pushers have to keep it hush hush mainly because the practice of distributing this as a potential “cure” would be illegal. A U.S. seller has been convicted of selling it (using a cover of it being a “water treatment” chemical).

“This is a potential criminal offence,” [Prof Richard Goldberg, expert in pharmaceutical law at Durham Law School] said. “The Food Standards Agency has to inform the relevant local authority and the authority has to take action.

“There is a very strong argument that he is selling an unauthorised food supplement. There is a potential argument for him selling an unauthorised medicine.”

The Trading Standards office has issued a warning about the event.

“Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards* is concerned that potentially harmful products will be available to buy or consume at an event being held in the Farnham area from Friday 12 June to Sunday 14 June.

The event is being organised by a group called the Genesis II Church and its exact location is being kept secret, possibly as a ploy to frustrate regulators.”

Orac has more: The Genesis II Church holds a secret MMS quackery conference in England

Yes, we have to mix in religion. The Genesis II Church apparently teaches that the “miracle” solution is like a sacrament. I wish I was making this up. The evil mastermind of MMS and the “church”, Jim Humble, skirts the law on this and stays out of countries where he would be arrested. It’s way WAY past time that this idiocy was halted. Yet, people still buy into it.

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Source: Doubtful News

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