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   Jun 04

Herbs and Helpers Organic Pullulan Capsules – Simply the Best – QED!

Herbs and Helpers Organic Pullulan Capsules size 0

Herbs and Helpers Organic Pullulan Capsules size 0

Independent laboratory testing has shown conclusively that not all capsules are what they seem. We are pleased to report that our Certified Organic Pullulan Capsules proved to be anti-oxidant at every concentration tested when blasted with a burst of free radicals. This means a substantial barrier against the effects of oxygen for any products contained in the capsules, potentially improving and maintaining shelf-life and activity and remaining anti-oxidant in the body. The capsules are also produced in an environmentally conscious fashion and without the use of harsh chemicals receiving full organic certification.

The Other Capsules:

HPMC or ‘Veggie’ caps

Proved oxidant at all concentrations, meaning that when blasted with free radicals more free radicals are generated! Potentially may be oxidant on any products in these capsules, reducing shelf life and activity and potentially oxidant in the body!

Cheaper Pullulan caps

At best only half as good and often worse – you only get what you pay for! Even proving oxidant in some cases at lower concentrations.

Stay safe use ours:

Buy Herbs and Helpers Certified Organic Pullulan Capsules (size 0, clear)

Other things we like about these capsules:

Slippy – Easy flow through a capsule machine, no sticking or splitting.

Error free – Almost unheard of to find a faulty capsule.

Peace of mind!

If you are interested in ordering carton size quantities e.g. 80,000 to 90,000 then please get in touch.



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