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   Sep 27

Herbal remedy for vector-borne fever

KANPUR: Dengue cases reached 259 on Thursday and the residents have braced up to take remedial steps.

Without waiting for the action of municipal and health authorities, many people are distributing medicinal herbs among the masses to combat vector-borne fever. In many cases, the residents have hired contractual workers to ensure cleanliness.

One Rajesh Gupta is serving chiretta herb (swertia chirata) to morning walkers coming to Katehari Bagh in Cantt every morning free.

He claims that all those who take the herb remained fit for the whole season. Some of them take the herb home for other family members.

“I mix chirata with turmeric, honey, ginger, neem, ashwagandha, giloy and other herbs in the syrup. I want everyone to know the value of this herb,” he added. The herb cures fever and also controls diabetes.

“Chirata is an effective drug for reducing fever specially malarial fever. It is an excellent medicine for strengthening the digestive system and used in treating stomach disorders like dyspepsia and diarrhoea. It help in destroying intestinal worms,” said Ayurveda expert Naveen Kumar.

He added that the root of the plant is useful in curing hiccups and vomiting. The herb can also be used for range of other diseases and conditions like leprosy, leucoderma, scabies, neuro-muscular disorders, menstrual irregularity, urinary tract diseases, heart disease, asthma, cough, ulcer, jaundice and anaemia.

Meanwhile, the residents of Gopal Nagar and Vishnupuri have decided to ensure hygiene in their localities without waiting for the initiative of civic body. They have hired contractual workers to ensure that no garbage accumulates in the area.

Source: The Times of India

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