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   Oct 24

Herbal Remedies For Stuttering

Stuttering is a condition when an individual talks with constant repletion of syllables and words. It can turn worse due to anticipation, stress physical limitations, etc. This condition occurs due to muscular issues or physical damage. Stuttering leads to a lot of emotional stress, low self-esteem and over sensitivity.

There are several herbs, which help in treating nervousness and anxiety experienced during stuttering. These herbs can be taken in the form of capsule, tea or as liquids. Some of the herbal remedies are mentioned below.

Various Herbal Remedies For Stuttering


Among the herbal remedies for stuttering cinnamon plays a crucial role. It has the capacity to enhance the organs responsible for speech. It is also very helpful in making the tongue loose, which makes it easy to pronounce words.

For people suffering from stuttering, chewing on cinnamon leaves for a few hours every day before retiring to bed in the night is quite beneficial in treating the problem.


The herb brahmi plays a huge role in the treatment of stuttering. This herb possesses qualities that help in producing sound while talking. These qualities assist the loosening of the tongue and make it easily moldable over a period of time. It enhances the organs, which produce sound, and ensures the creation of continuous and clearer sounds. Powder the brahmi leaves, add a few drops of honey, and mix well until it reaches a paste form.

Mix this with rice and consume regularly to get rid of stuttering. This combination should be consumed until the stuttering completely stops. The other way of using brahmi is to extract the oil from the brahmi leaves, apply it on the head, and allow it to get absorbed well for a few hours and then wash it. Brahmi oil has been used for centuries to treat stuttering as it helps in the development and growth of the brain, specifically the area that is responsible for inducing sound.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is an easily available and effective remedy for stuttering and has been used from ancient times. This herb possesses qualities, which help in relaxing the muscles in the tongue and other muscles that are responsible for the production of sound. When the muscles of the tongue gets relaxed it becomes lighter and makes it easier and convenient to speak with a flow.

Lemon balm also aids the brain relaxation, which makes it effective in transmitting the messages to the organs responsible for sound production. Prepare tea using lemon balm and boil it for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Add some milk to the tea and drink it. This tea has to be had every day for about four months to notice positive changes. If the tea tastes very bitter, you can add a few drops of honey as a sweetener. Lemon balm is known to be the best herbal remedy as its effects are noticed in a very short span of time.


Gooseberries are known to have the power of boosting the memory power and increasing the brain development especially the area connected with the organs of speech. By enhancing memory, gooseberries make sure that the rate at which the transmissions from the nerves to the mouth happen is similar to that of the nerve that creates sound.

Continuity and consistency in speech is enabled by using gooseberries for a longer period of time. You can consume gooseberries regularly. Stuttering can be cured if you eat them continuously for about three to four months. If you find it difficult to eat these berries directly, you can grind it into a powder form and mix it with a little ghee. Consume this every morning, which is very effective in completely getting rid of this condition.


The herb Vallarai is well known in the rural India. It is famous for its healing powers in the treatment of stuttering. Take some coriander seeds and palm candy. Place this within three or four vallarai leaves, and gently chew on it.

Vallarai leaves can also be used by drying it and making it into a powder. A paste can also prepared by grinding the fresh vallarai leaves. Mix this paste with milk, and drink this concoction regularly. The miraculous thing is that vallarai leaves resemble the human brain.


This medical herb is stigmatized as an illicit drug, but marijuana is helpful in treating various conditions including stuttering. However, this herb is not suitable for treating all cases and is not recommended for children.

Nevertheless, in adults marijuana is found to be fast-acting, effective and natural treatment. In some countries, this herb can be purchased on prescription. Many health practitioners support the use of marijuana as a treatment for stuttering.

Source: findhomeremedy.com

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