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   Feb 27

Green Tea for Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark circles are a nuance that woman worldwide have been trying to treat for hundreds of years. In today’s society, with our top of the line technology, one can simply go to their dermatologist and request to receive Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment. IPL destroys pigment cells and smoothes the skin. While it sounds lovely the downside is that the treatment retails for around $200 or more and you need up to four treatments to see any improvement.

First, we have to thoroughly understand why dark circles occur. Explanations for dark circles vary from individual to individual but overall with age the skin under the eyes begins to thin. Thinning of the skin then causes blood vessels to become exposed thus resulting in dark circles. So that black look is nothing more than blood flowing through your veins.

Now, for the frugal or those that just don’t care to spend the money on IPL treatment there is an alternative. It consists of only one ingredient and has been proven to work when used overtime. Green tea bags contain caffeine and tannins that work wonders. The caffeine in green tea will constrict the blood vessels until they appear less visible. The tannins in green tea are responsible for the color and astringent flavor. The astringency also helps to constrict capillaries and blood vessels, similar as with caffeine.

Overall, there are natural remedies for nearly everything and dark under eye circles are no exception. As annoying as they can be there is relief. Remember, you have to give it time it’s not a one time fix. The only way to be absolutely sure if this will or won’t work for you is to give it a go.

Source: Examiner.com

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