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   Nov 23

Food and vegetables may be ‘key’ to beating untreatable cancers

New research suggests ‘non-toxic’ chemicals taken from food and vegetables may hold the key to beating untreatable cancers and relapse.

A team of 180 scientists, from 22 countries, conducted the research

The global study, jointly led by Cardiff University, found that despite a number of advances, many cancer therapies are ‘highly toxic’ and a significant number of patients will experience a relapse just a few months after treatment.

The research was commissioned in response to this problem, and found that a mixture of non-toxic doses of chemicals taken from food and vegetables could improve patient outcomes.

We believe that carefully designed combinations of non-toxic chemicals can be developed in a manner that will maximise our chance of arresting most cancers. Currently, clinicians have a limited number of tools to help them treat the disease once it becomes resistant to mainstream therapy, but an approach that can reach a broad-spectrum of targets without toxicity offers considerable promise.

– Keith I. Block, MD, the lead-author of the paper

Source: ITV News

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