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   Apr 25

Why do I see ‘Product not found!’ when I search or click on a link to a product?

The webshop is divided into two parts: one for ‘Retail’ customers and one for ‘Practitioners’ only Practitioner account holders who are logged on have full access to all products and prices.

Anyone can create a Retail account and use it to purchase anything they can add to their shopping cart whether logged on or not.

To qualifiy for a practitioner account you will need to meet the minimum criteria of belonging to a recognised professional body and carrying current insurance to practise herbal medicine. Overseas practitioners are accepted on the basis of membership of similar professional bodies and qualifications etc.

In Create An Account. a drop down list provides examples of some of the professional bodies we accept. If you’re unsure then a PDF of your current insurance certificate to practise herbal medicine will suffice. Others we consider practitioners.

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