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   Aug 14

Efficacy and safety of the compound Chinese medicine SaiLuoTong in vascular dementia: A randomized clinical trial




No licensed medications are available to treat vascular dementia (VaD).


Patients were randomly assigned to experimental groups (SaiLuoTong [SLT] 360 or 240 mg for groups A and B for 52 weeks, respectively) or placebo group (SLT 360 mg and 240 mg for group C only from weeks 27 to 52, respectively).


Three hundred twenty-five patients were included in final analysis. At week 26, the difference in VaD Assessment Scale–cognitive subscale scores was 2.67 (95% confidence interval, 1.54 to 3.81) for groups A versus C, and 2.48 (1.34 to 3.62) for groups B versus C (both P < .0001). However, at week 52, no difference was observed among the groups on the VaD Assessment Scale–cognitive subscale (P = .062) because of the emerging efficacy of SLT in placebo beginning at week 27.


This study suggests that SLT is effective for treatment of VaD, and this compound Chinese medicine may represent a better choice to treat VaD.

Source: Science Direct

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