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   Feb 17

CDRI’s new herbal medicament to rid ‘bony’ predicament

Lucknow: Keeping bones healthy and prevention of conditions like osteoporosis is probably as important as keeping cancer and cardiac issues at bay. CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute (CSIR-CDRI) is ready with a new Herbal Medicament for Bone Health which will be launched for marketing on Wednesday on the occasion of its 65th Annual Day.

This herbal preparation is made from leaves of Dalbergia sissoo, commonly called Indian Rose Wood or Sheesham

This herbal medication will prove to be a boon for the victims of bone fracture, pain and swelling of joints caused by sprain and injury. This Medicament will be an effective answer to menopausal blues as well providing optimum bone health to the victims of osteoporosis after menopause.

This herbal preparation is made from leaves of Dalbergia sissoo, commonly called Indian Rose Wood or Sheesham, a large deciduous perennial tree, growing widely in lowland region throughout India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Afghanistan.

This medicine will be of great help in improving bone health the herbal way. What is more, for the industrial manufacturing of the medicine, huge amount of sheesham leaves would be required. Hence it will provide a new avenue to the sheesham growers and will brighten up their economic prospects. Now the farmers would increase plantation of Sheesham tree which is easily grown and commercially viable perennial crop as annual demand of sheesham leaves would be around 100 tonne for the new drug. This will help conserve the environment also.

“Team CDRI has worked holistically for the development of this new drug and as far the results of clinical trials, this drug is very safe and effective for fracture healing. Very soon we will come up with the results of clinical trials for osteoporosis also. This herbal preparation is made from leaf of the plants which is renewable so it will not affect the ecology and will not be a matter of concern,” said Dr Madhu Dikshit, Director, CSIR-CDRI, while addressing media persons on Tuesday.

She went on to say that the present drugs, available for the treatment, were given through intravenous route adding that those drugs had a number of side effects and were quite expensive as well. “On the contrary, this new drug is to be given orally and hope to be comparatively very cheap making it affordable for common man,” she observed.

Elaborating on the effectiveness of the drug, Dr Dixit said that it would not only reduce the healing time of bone fractures to almost half but would also provide relief in pain and swelling. The team, consisting of Dr Naibedya Chattopadhya, Dr Rakesh Maurya, Dr Ritu Trivedi, which has been there behind the development of the new drug, said that it was a standardized extract hence the exact amount of active ingredients in it were known. They were required for bone health and could not be obtained in optimum dose/amount by consuming fresh leaves. The team also underlined the importance of flavonoids present in the sheesham leaves making it rich in antioxidants which were beneficial for human body. The product is expected in the market by the end of

Source: Indileak

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