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   Jan 14

Dishwashers can be very bad for your gut health, research finds

Residue from rinse agents is left behind on dishes after they are cleaned in professional-grade dishwashers. This damages the natural protective layer in the gut and can contribute to the onset of chronic diseases, as demonstrated by researchers working with organoids at the Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research. Whether it’s at a restaurant, […]

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   Jan 06

Green Mediterranean diet can significantly reduce dangerous fat around internal organs

The green Mediterranean diet (MED) significantly reduces visceral adipose tissue, a type of fat around internal organs that is much more dangerous than the extra “tire” around your waist. The green Mediterranean diet was pitted against the Mediterranean diet and a healthy diet in a large-scale clinical interventional trial- the DIRECT PLUS. Subsequent analysis found […]

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   Dec 31

Eating a Mediterranean diet can add years to your life, study reveals

EATING a Mediterranean diet extends life by years, a groundbreaking 20-year study has confirmed. People who consume mostly fruit, vegetables, fish, nuts and olive oil were less likely to die. They suffer less cardiovascular disease, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses, say experts. It follows analysis of blood and urine samples from volunteers aged over 65 […]

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