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   Jun 09

Taurine may slow ageing process, research suggests

Taurine – a nutrient found in foods with protein such as meat or fish – may slow down the ageing process, scientists have said. A team of international researchers found that taurine supplements slow ageing in mice and monkeys – extending life and health in middle-aged mice by up to 12%. The scientists said their […]

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   Jun 03

Want to remain healthy as you get older? Just swing your arms! How an ancient Chinese technique can help improve your walking speed, posture and flexibility and make everyday tasks that much easier

Over 1,000-year-old exercise routine consists of sequence of five arm swings Forget expensive gym memberships – the secret to a healthy old age could be as simple as swinging your arms. Walking speed, posture and flexibility all improved in women who did a traditional Chinese arm-swinging exercise three times a week for two months, a […]

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   Jan 14

Dishwashers can be very bad for your gut health, research finds

Residue from rinse agents is left behind on dishes after they are cleaned in professional-grade dishwashers. This damages the natural protective layer in the gut and can contribute to the onset of chronic diseases, as demonstrated by researchers working with organoids at the Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research. Whether it’s at a restaurant, […]

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