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   Feb 10

Cannabis grower says he only wanted plants for medicine oil

A man found growing cannabis in tents in three bedrooms told police he was only doing it for medicinal purposes.

Dylan Efford, 43, a convicted cannabis cultivator said he didn’t smoke weed and only wanted the 21 plants so he could extract the special hemp oil.

He pleaded guilty to one count of producing a quantity of the Class C drug and appeared for sentence at Exeter Crown Court.

Prosecutor Caroline Bolt said police executed a warrant at his address in Buckfastleigh on February 10, 2017.

They found three bedrooms given over to the growing of cannabis. The 21 plants were found in tents with filter systems, heat lamps, and in varying stages of maturity.

Efford told police the plants were ‘not flowering yet’.

Experts valued the drug yield at between £4,200 and £12,600.

“He said the plants were for herbal medicine CDB oil,” said the prosecutor.

“He wasn’t clear about the process for extracting the oil from the plants and said he hadn’t got to that stage yet.

“It was for medicinal purposes and he wanted to use it for relaxation and its health properties.”

Efford told police he had grown them from seeds he bought from the garden centre but could not name the garden centre, when he bought them or how much they cost.

The defendant said had previously smoked cannabis but had quit. He said the comment about the plants flowering was a slip of the tongue.

Efford was convicted in 2012 for producing cannabis and possession in 2016.

A probation report said he was suitable for unpaid work. He now worked as a maintenance man and lived with his aunt.

Judge Graham Cottle said he did not know what to make of the defendant’s reason for growing the cannabis but said his ‘luck would run out’ sooner or later.

“You gave an explanation to the police which I don’t really know what to make but forms your basis of plea. You’ve done this before. As I have said your luck will run out. If you do this again to prison you will go.”

Efford, of Great Rea Road, Brixham, was jailed for six months suspended for two years and told to do 125 hours of unpaid work.

Source: Devon Live

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