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A Code Manager Bug Fix Update has been released: ... p?f=2&t=68

Corrects the ability to order any ICD or CPT items added straightaway without having to add stock. Suitable for 32 and 64 bit computers.

BM PRO 13.3.3 Adds new features:

Product Duplication for when you quickly need to duplicate a product especially to quickly and easily create a new DSHEA product. One click in Product Updates instantly creates and displays a new duplicate product with ALL details carried over except ingredients.

Allow non stock items such as Codes to be ordered without adding stock first. Allow category assignment to be handled by Code Manager alone. After Code Manager adds codes/products you can order them straightaway. They stay as non stock parts with batch number being code/product number and expiry date continually updating. No stock to add or maintain, any current stock items left undisturbed. If you try to assign a category starting with ICD or CPT to a product then this is prevented and can only be set via Code Manager to prevent accidently locking a product. Minimum stock and Re-order levels are locked as these are no longer needed. Non stock parts can only be added via Code Manager and the category name must start with ICD or CPT. This area has passed final testing.

Upgrade DSHEA To make it as easy as possible to input the Herbal Ingredient blend, choose sections and produce labels on the fly. On DSHEA page you can now select "B" in Symbol 4 to indicate part of a Blend and set one ingredient as Ingredients: to act as a title for the blend. Label Maker all DSHEA labels converted to Dymo tested format. Label 5163 (US 2in x 4in) added to Label Makers in Product, Order, DSHEA and DSHEA Image formats: Final testing passed!


NEW! Organic Ingredients Calculator. Will allow for any formula indication of organic ingredients and calculate % of organic ingredients according to total amount of formula selected to make. Product Made wizard will take care of tracking and total traceability as usual and indicate for each component selected the exact amount to use for the amount of formula selected. Total Traceability assured, no paperwork! Just print off info as required! SOP for this operation will also be included (SOP's coming later). To be implemented by end of January 2013. We will also include the ability to create a Product Made by parts, including adding a safe dose range per product. This area has passed final testing:


Upgrade Product Made Wizard. As part of Organic Ingredients Calculator and DSHEA labelling the names of any new products added or product names altered automatically update and appear in the ingredients list, this includes product names already entered. Product ingredients can be entered in any units, per part, per % etc. Select format (Percent %, Parts (pt) or Actual (units)) along with total amount to make when making product. If actual units selected then you will be prompted to enter the original amount on which these are based. Product Made Wizard then shows the exact amount of each ingredient to use to make the amount of product entered, beside each ingredient, manually select the batches you need. Ingredients cannot be altered for DSHEA (create a new product if needed). If the product or ingredient is organic then the % per ingredient and the overall % of organic ingredients in the product are shown. Ingredients not ticked as organic (in product record) are excluded. Altering the amount to make instantly updates the amounts of ingredients to use and % organic. Report summarises for organic products final % of organic ingredients used in making (manufacture) and shows composition (automatic total traceability included within BM). One button press exports to Excel if required in Product Formulation Sheet PFS-02 style. Product Made will be aborted if safe dose range for product ingredient according to amount to make exceeded. Safe dose range is entered as a % e.g. If 4mls per 100mls then 4%. Product record allows you to enter the % organic of each product/ingredient, this is viewable when you select each product/ingredient. Access by Manager/Staff level restricted by inability to alter product ingredients/% organic and safe dose range %.

Automatic Product Picture detection. Any product pictures that are placed in the Batch Master folder (C:\Program Files\Batch Master\ (32 bit computers) or C:\Program Files (x86)\Batch Master\ (64 bit computers)) that have the Product code/number as the name are automatically detected and saved/refreshed by each Product Record. Only .bmp natively supported but most computers have graphics filters to display .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, and .png also. Batch Master will search for all files with these extensions. You can still enter the name of a product picture directly via an input box after clicking the Product picture box. However if a product picture with product code as name exists in the Batch Master folder then this will overwrite next time the product is viewed. Any current product pictures left undisturbed, however advice is to change the names of these to the product code so they always automatically associate with the product.

Add Label 5163 (US 2in x 4in) to Label Makers.

Expanded Label choices on Product Made, Stock Labels, including bar codes, and Product and Order labels on despatch. Includes L7163, L7165 and 5163 (US 2in x 4in) for all these areas. On Product Made labels allows preview/printing of selection or individual records.

Despatched status for Orders. You can now partially despatch an order more securely. Creating a Delivery Note allows the order to be marked as "Despatch" which means that the available items have been sent out. A Delivery Note remains accessible from Sales order for printing until the Despatch order is invoiced. A despatch order cannot be deleted or amended further only invoiced. Any stock available at invoicing is included as part of the original order, any stock still not available goes onto back order as usual. Any unavailable items play a full part in stock control until invoiced. After invoicing Delivery Notes can be accessed from Customer screen using new list box selection. This area has passed final testing.

Better Selection. On Customer, Product, Supplier and Order Screens you can now click directly on an order number or name and go direct to the record. Multiple list box selection allows you to select any number of Customers, Products, Suppliers or Orders and display the report or records required. Updates instantly to display any changes to selections.

One Admin User only. In Users Admin has now been locked and disabled to only allow for one Admin user to exist. User interface improved to display Telephone numbers, email address and Status below each User. Add Document now opens hyperlink window to browse computer and add document/credential using your own custom title. Any type of file can be added although only supported image formats will display e.g. .bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png Only .bmp natively supported, but most computers have necessary graphics filters to display other formats and more too. Other file formats e.g. PDF display file when link clicked. Only images placed in the Batch Master folder display, click to view others.

Automatic Add new item. If the item you type is not in the list e.g. units, category, supplier, product, deliver to, order type, customer status, tax rates etc. then a pop up box advises and asks if you want to add it. Saying yes adds the item, then makes it the choice when you return to the original screen. Saying no deletes the item. Watch your spelling though!

Undo button on toolbar allows any changes or updates made to data to be cancelled step by step as long as record hasn't been saved.

Active Purchase Orders you can now view these until you complete the Delivery for each Purchase Order. On Purchase Orders can now navigate directly to each one by clicking Purchase Order name. A single click to a product name on an individual Purchase Order now displays a pop up box with current stock level, stock to re-order and minimum stock level for ready reference to avoid having to double-click and view each product.

Back Orders report layout improved you can now list by Customer or Date/Order number. Report also now displays current stock amount although this may contain expired stock.

Delivery Addresses all the delivery addresses for the customer can now be viewed and clicked on to navigate to each one from the Deliver To screen.

DSHEA Labels for Dymo printer. These have been tested to work and work continues on upgrade of DSHEA labelling system to ensure quick input of ingredient blend and easy access to any previous section entries made. Locking improved, delete prevented. Once Container size, Serving size, one ingredient and a Sale have been made then the label ingredients and sections, product code, product name etc. cannot be altered to ensure total traceability.

Minor Updates: Cursor changes to hand only on clickable areas, inactive areas cursor remains an arrow, text entry areas cursor remains as an insertion point. More space for DSHEA Units allowed (field size increased). Bug fixes as outlined under Known Niggles all fixed. Compact Data File only exits upon success or fail of compact, option to cancel. Updated toolbar to improve access to Help and remove unnecessary options. Export direct to Excel for Admin Users with a single button press, export in multiple file formats also retained. Bar Code added to Delivery Note. Refresh improved on Purchase Order. Progress Bar added for reports and forms that may take a long time to load e.g. Catalogue/Despatch with option to press ESC key to cancel operation (reports only). Log time automatically opens with Customer Key entered if a Customer number selected/scanned in with bar code scanner. Purchase Order record card automatically opens when selected on Supplier screen. Tick/Untick to include or exclude, manually adjust stock quantity restored on Purchase Order Stock Chart screen. Customer Record Card now keeps header and transactions together when a new page created. Pop up (5 s) on two areas of main screen on mouse over to show version (PRO logo) and Smartfeed notice for updates (main logo). Only deliberate mouse over action activates. More planned for Back Order/Credit Note/Expired Products in future. With option to turn off altogether. Delete button activates when you click to highlight a record to delete that particular record only. On Stock Adjustments screen allows all transactions to be deleted at once. To delete specific highlighted records use the Delete key as usual which will confirm exact number of records to delete. Gridlines on Product/Order Label Maker and Product labels on Despatch screen for any Product labels (L7163, L7165, 5163, OML 103) starting in position one. Allows you to check fit of labels (if all black border shows) and adjust. Gridlines are non-printing. Minor label adjustments to help better fit for printing. DSHEA Label Diagram to help you recognise areas if you need to adjust them!

BM PRO 12.9.1 Adds new features:

Google Calendar link on Sales Order screen if you are online. Opens log in page for your Google Calendar. Needs live internet connection/browser.

Minor and Major Bug Fix Release (12.9.1) the Quick Updaters mean a painless upgrade!:

*FIXED!! Adding New Users Bug. It has recently come to light that when trying to add a new user that an error message comes up asking for Address Line 1 to be entered. No progress can be made beyond this point. We apologise for this, a *small update has now been released into the Batch Master Updates area on this forum for existing users. Please download and run to fix the bug. Also corrects ability to add new instructions and reasons:

***The issue with labels is now fixed. Also screen size adjustments. New example CSV files for Code Manager are being included. Lots of mouse over tips added to boxes/controls on DSHEA areas etc.

A new major bug has been fixed:

Some live batches of products were giving a no 'live batch error' in the DSHEA Image/Label maker - this has now been fully fixed - all live batches that appear can be used to print DSHEA labels and generate DSHEA images.
In some cases entering DSHEA product details was causing Product Code/Number, Product Name and Ingredients to lock before a Sales Order had been completed. This has now been resolved and any products with no Sales Orders remain fully editable until the first Sales Order completes, Clicking to a DSHEA product with Sales Orders, with at least one ingredient, Serving Size and Servings per Container set means Ingredients, Product Code/Number and Product Name are locked. After locking Serving Size and Servings Per Container can still be updated from Product record, but cannot be null. Save improved but still odd conflict as outlined.

***Ooops! Looks like some of the text on labels showing as Befor rather than Before on Windows 7. We develop in Windows XP then test on clean Windows 7 with no printer attached. It seems the extra shuffling printers do has tipped some labels over the edge!

Allow printing of Warning/Safety labels from Label Maker according to how many order/product labels printed. Set text in Reference up to 255 char. prints label size L7160 with red border.

Normalisation of data - To make areas handling orders and customers and CMS Insurance info quicker.

Allow deeper Audit Tracking - Audit Analyser will show for any Record ID on Audit Tracking report a more detailed breakdown of the data altered.

Individual customised colour background for each product/order label on Label Maker - For any products that you have set a customised colour background then selecting the product as part of an order or as a product gives the label a customised colour background. Selected/set from DSHEA panel on Products.

Return Visit Info - From Sales Order you can now enter a number and select days, weeks, months, years and enter any accompanying instructions (up to 255 char.) concerning the return visit. Will appear on Invoice (below Other Information, unless number left blank) and Super Bill (always). If CMS switched on then Return Visit info can be edited from CMS data update form and toggled on/off to show on invoice. Forms basis of appointments to Outlook/Google Calendar.

Printer Options - For any currently previewed report you can choose Printer, Paper Size and Orientation which update straightaway in preview for immediate printing. Report data retains original layout. This feature is already included in the 64 bit version and also supports export to PDF. (On 32 bit computers select your PDF printer).

Prescription Cards Printer - Prints the Order details onto standard plain 4x6 inch post cards in odd or even or all pages, reverse or use with PDF! Includes bar code, key, customer number and name, order number, order despatch date, user, products sold and quantities with batch numbers and instructions if entered.

Allow Superbill to be printed with your logo and LIC number

    *Allow hiding of all CMS insurance info/data by turning off in Reference
    *Allow Label Maker window to be maximised for small screens
    *Change address label info (Customers, Deliver To, Suppliers etc.) for US users to be more logical
    *Change Carriage charge to Shipping charge

    *Add Lot#: and Best Before: to all DSHEA labels and Lot#: where Batch mentioned for US users
    *Allow Label Maker to print DSHEA labels using a Dymo Label printer (Dymo 30323 labels) also prints direct onto L7165 and OML 103

*These are user requested features. We are happy to implement changes that benefit other users please continue to feedback. Thank you for helping with this product.

Allow custom colour backgrounds on DSHEA labels or enter RGB numbers to get your exact shade

Allow all Adjustments on DSHEA labels: Font, Left, Top, Height, Width to work fully - change ignored if outside label limits

Allow switching between Default and Custom label/image settings on Image/Label Maker with a button press

Allow DSHEA product code/number, product name and ingredients to lock after first Sales Order preserving total traceability throughout

Minor bug fixes - Product Made labels give full info on components. All bar codes reduced in size and functionality improved. Helpfiles fully working off F1 on 64 bit. Logo added to OML 103 labels on despatch. Screen size Adjustments etc. On individual Purchase Order screen drop down shows current stock level per product. Sales demand info improved on Product Record for quicker loading. Product number added to many drop downs to aid product ID and selection.

Minor issues: When you use the Customised DSHEA option you may need to save the DSHEA and product settings a few times before you see it in the DSHEA and Label Maker. You may initially/from time to time get a Write Conflict message (Due to updating DSHEA and Product data at the same time). Tend to choose Drop Changes, then go back into DSHEA data to see if you need to re-enter any data. Usually only occurs the first time of set up of DSHEA data.

BM PRO 12.3.1 Adds new features:

Can now import ICD and CPT codes directly into Batch Master from a CSV file in a flash! Example csv files are provided if needed. Add your own categories e.g. ICD-9, ICD-10, prices and tax for CPT codes etc. You can select and highlight the codes to import then one click to add, prevents duplicates automatically. There is also a Quick Add function for adding individual codes manually. Once in Batch Master the code, code name and category are locked to prevent editing. You can delete any codes that are wrong as long as no transactions are attached. Please note it is necessary to obtain your own codes to import, Batch Master does not provide a license or provide any codes for you. The Batch Master Code Manager also let's you search on codes imported, codes in csv files and add prices, add tax rates etc. As these are Stock items you will need to 'deliver' an amount to yourself to use. We suggest using the code as batch number. Once stock exists you can use Stock Adjustments to alter the amounts. The codes will also help form the basis of the Clinical Audit Tool coming next.

Adjustments to Product Label Maker. You can now shift the labels up/down and left/right in twips for a custom fit, then save the adjustments for future reference, ideal for printing on the fly if needed. Default label settings are left undisturbed.

BM PRO 12.2.1 contains minor bug fixes for 10.9.1.

This update provides fixes for:

BM PRO 12.2.1 contains minor bug fixes for 10.9.1.
Minor Bug Fixes etc. Screen sizing, charts, sub forms, Supplier screen tendency to crash corrected. Record history added to Users (Credentials), Customers (Document logging), Suppliers (Purchase orders) so there is a rolling record per User, Customer and Supplier. Current Live Batches and DSHEA info added to Product records. Product description size increased to maximum of 64000 characters. Payment reference field increased to 35 characters.

BM PRO 12.2.1 Adds new features:

DSHEA label images. Now possible to create good quality, resizable DSHEA images for any live batches of product. Images can be copied onto clipboard then pasted into a label program of your choice. Images finalised, can switch between a customised picture (Product picture link) or current Product details; Product name etc. as in Product Record. Adds description from Product record if entered. DSHEA Label composed a third your picture or current Product record details, a third DSHEA Supplement Facts panel and a third Product description if entered. It is your responsibility to ensure that the labels you produce meet the minimum FDA font sizes.

Label Maker. For Customers, Deliver to and Supplier addresses you can now select any combination of each, or all, any number of labels for each and which label! Labels supported so far: 5160, 5163, 8163, L7163, OML 103 standard Avery or equivalent inkjet labels. You can also pick the starting print position so no labels are wasted! Each label carries number of label e.g. 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3 to indicate part of a set etc. There is also a Label Print report to track what has been printed. Currently some duplicate entries if switching to US layout, however will be released and adjusted later. We can easily add any more label types you use, please email. US/UK address layout supported! (One click to switch). For Invoiced and Despatched items only: Product Labels: For any order you can select the transaction line and produce a product label with order number, customer name, logo, ingredients, instructions, quantity, units, batch, expiry date etc. As above you can choose number of labels and starting position. L7165, OML 103 and L7163 standard Avery labels supported so far. Order Labels: Choose any transaction line from an order and an Order label, L7165, OML 103 or L7163 standard Avery or equivalent labels currently supported, produces a label with order number, customer name, logo, all order transaction lines with quantities, batches, units, total, instructions etc. As above starting position and number of labels can be chosen. You can set which order transaction lines will be available for the Order label by using Tick/Untick on Despatch screen. Only tick the items you want to appear. Although all transaction lines will show, only those ticked will appear on Order labels. Depending on size of data you may get warning messages on print or experience overlap, but all info will print in space/label position specified. THE SOLUTION: Choose a bigger label!!! Return Address Labels L7159 and L7163 available from Product Label Maker according to how many Product labels generated. Working on Warning/Safety labels. Otherwise done!

Order Number field. From Customer Screen you can now view Order Details per order for any customer. Selecting a customer shows all the Orders for that customer. Ideal for when repeats are needed, just print off! Prevents having to access Invoices containing financial data.

Product Live Batches Report. Using selections from Stock Screen you can display the current live batches of all products from today's date onwards. Limit by supplier, product, category, batch. Shows expiry dates, batch, manufacturer, total amount and DSHEA info if entered. List by Product name or Expiry date (Ascending). A user requested feature!

Data File Compact. Place a copy of your data file (BM_be.mdb) into the Documents folder on your computer. From Reference press the Compact Data File button, BM finds your data file, compacts it, then exits BM. if your data file is not found a message is issued. Data File must be in Documents folder and be named BM_be.mdb to work. Best achieved by copying your data file to this location temporarily.

Updater Tool. Enables users with current data to bring the structure of their data file up to date to work with the latest release of Batch Master PRO. Once updated every time BM opens it checks to see if the data file is up to date. If not it informs the user and asks for confirmation to perform automatic update. Once complete BM opens as normal. Sometimes it may take two update runs before this occurs. It will be incorporated into all new Batch Master releases. You can check how many updates have applied by looking in Reference, currently there are 276!

DSHEA Compatible Labels. It is now possible to create the full Supplement Facts Panel for any product in Batch Master PRO with all the customised detail you need. Currently will print on labels L7163 and L7165 in DSHEA Label Maker, however you may need to adjust Supplement Facts Panel settings for it to fully fit*. Full control over nutrients and amounts, ingredients and amounts, warnings, usage etc. Add up to 4 unique symbols per item to indicate Dietary Value, Claims info, any customisation e. g. part of Proprietary Blend, Other Ingredients etc. Standard FDA disclaimer texts included. *Adjust all fields by Top, Left, Width, Height and Font Size. Full control over field positions and sizes, line thicknesses. Report allows print out of your settings for future reference. CURRENTLY THE ADJUSTMENTS SECTION IS NOT ACTIVE HOWEVER YOU MAY FIND THE LABEL FITS ANYWAY IF NOT TOO MUCH DATA! IF NOT JUST PRODUCE AN IMAGE TO RESIZE TO FIT ANY LABEL.

Audit Tracking. Even if a user just enters a box then this is recorded. When a critical record is changed or updated the user has the option of recording a reason. Records the new data added and any changes to what it was previously, unobtrusively. Records either BM user log on or Windows user log on depending on data changed. Detailed admin reporting allows you to check up anytime. Can be limited by date range. A user requested feature!

Document Logging. Everytime you remove a document from safe storage the user can log this and the reason automatically. Return of document is also logged and running history of all access kept. New Bar Code Log Labels enable prescription cards to be totally anonymous for dispensing. No bar code scanner needed to operate.

User Profiles. This means you can add full details for each user and also store qualifications, certificates and credentials by linking to a folder on your computer. Documents show as thumbnails in report and User profiles, use zoom to read! You can list documents by renewal date or type for each.

CMS 1500 Form. Can now use a drop down box to position each field left-right and up-down, in twips, for printing with YOUR printer. Two versions of CMS 1500 are now ready as reports to produce electronic copies also. Currently all fields can be filled and updated, automatically where enabled.

BM PRO 10.8.5 contains minor bug fixes for 10.1.5. Installation upgraded to 'one click' procedure after download. Works fully on Windows XP, Vista and 7 from standard user accounts after Desktop shortcut is set to 'Run As Adminstrator' (Windows Vista and 7 only). Windows XP users open BM from shortcut on All Programs Batch Master PRO menu. This shortcut can be copied and pasted onto desktop if preferred.
BM PRO 10.8.5 Adds new features: Bar code labels for products made and stock labels, can scan/read bar codes directly into BM. Access full features of Microsoft Outlook Calendar from within BM. Stock optimisation based on your historical use patterns with new graphs to help illustrate. Print multiple views, zoom, publish with Word, analyse with Excel. In Vista and 7 instructions bug fixed on Sales Order. Other product name increased to 250 char. this needs to be entered for product to appear on Stock to re-order/Purchase Order.
BM PRO 10.1.5 Editing/Adding ingredients fixed. No Office or Access needed unless you want to export contact data to MS Outlook. Works fully on Windows XP and Windows Vista from standard user accounts. Should work on Windows 7 (not fully tested, feedback welcomed, it will be made to work!)
BM PRO 09-11.2 Product label shows batch/expiry again-slight error on last update, now corrected!
BM PRO 09-11.1 Improved installation. Stock Delivery labels added. Accounts extraction with Windows XP fully working.
BM PRO 09-7.1: Product Made wizard Abort function fixed.
BM PRO 09-5.1: Now works fully with Windows Vista. No extra files needed, just download and go! Some bug fixes.
BM PRO 08-1.11 Product Batch updates product code accepts 10 char.
BM PRO 08-1.9: Helpfile comes up by pressing F1 in all program areas.
BM PRO 08-1.3: Adding a new product now retains all data as typed
BM PRO 08-1.3: After cancelling sales despatch product line can now click through to record
BM PRO 08-1.3: On business monitor tool filtering customer status now works fully

If you find any bugs then please report, nothing further as far as we know!


You can obtain the *FREE download from the website. You need to uninstall your previous copy of Batch Master and restart/reboot before attempting to install Batch Master PRO. *Please be careful to choose the correct version to download and install: 32 or 64 bit depending on your computer.

If you are a previous customer then please see the following update notice:
Batch Master PRO is now ready for use and if you have previously purchased a full license for Batch Master then you are entitled to a free upgrade.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The License system has been updated to a more stable version it will invalidate your current license therefore you need to remove your current license (back up your data file first!) and provide Herbs and Helpers with the Removal Code. A Removal Code is generated each time an Activation Code is sent out. Once you have your removal code you can proceed as follows:

The changes have been so extensive that it is necessary to completely reinstall. If you have data that you wish to preserve then SAVE your current data file FIRST externally to your computer e.g. on USB drive. If you have no previous data then you should simply uninstall your current version of Batch Master using the uninstall tool from the all programs menu, restart/reboot your computer and then download and reinstall the latest BM PRO from the website.

For a successful upgrade and re-install you will need:

A secure back up of your current data file BM_be.mdb (keep as archive)
To have obtained a Removal Code for each current Batch Master license you want to upgrade.
To have totally uninstalled your old version of Batch Master and restarted/rebooted your computer
To have downloaded the new Batch Master PRO from the internet (purchase it free in the shop) and installed it.


Restore your data file by renaming it BM_be.mdb and copying and pasting it into the Batch Master folder: C:\Program Files\Batch Master\ on 32 bit or C:\Program Files (x86)\Batch Master\ on 64 bit.

The Batch Master Updater Tool will check your data file everytime you open BM and advise of any updates needed. Once you confirm the updates are performed automatically bringing your data file up to date to work with the latest version of BM. Sometimes it may take two update runs to fully complete, currently 176 updates need to be applied. You can check this in Reference under Updates Applied.

Windows Vista and Windows 7:

Now works fully with Windows Vista and Windows 7 from a standard user account.


New Networking files will be posted shortly.

Enjoy all the new features:

Synchronise your customer and supplier data with MS Outlook to help manage appointments and reminders
Extract your BM PRO data into a QIF or XML file for import into your accounting package
Attach a document to a customer or product record to keep extensive notes etc.
Business Monitor Tool to check profitability and help in business development
Product Made Wizard to automatically make up products from existing stock, works out costs etc.
Back up data file wizard for easy back up of your data file
View a complete audit of all your BM PRO transactions
Product code length increased to 10 char.
Batch number length increased to 20 char. to accommodate bar code input
Improved searching accepts any char.
New labels added for suppliers and deliver to addresses
Press F1 to call the helpfile
And more………………………………..


As usual you can email as always and use the Batch Master online support centre 24/7

Best wishes and enjoy the new upgrade…………………..

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