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Herbs and Helpers ®

Established more than 20 years

Quality herbal treatment with Chinese and western herbs undertaken

Lorraine Hodgkinson is a fully qualified Medical Herbalist a Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (M.N.I.M.H) for 19 years (1993-2012). Membership of which involves a four year course of study including 500 hours spent in training clinics with patients. Lorraine passed her final exams in October 1992, and has been in full time practice since. Lorraine is also a professional member and registered herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild (RH (A.H.G.)) since June 2012.

Lorraine also qualified in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (T.C.M.) at Regent's College in London in February 1997 and now offers Chinese Herbal treatment. Practical experience was gained by working in a T.C.M. hospital in Nanjing, Beijing, and Chengdu in China. She is a member of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (M.R.C.H.M.).

Consultations available at the clinics below, you can book online up to 2 days in advance or telephone 01900 826392.


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For more information call Lorraine on 01900 826392

Herbs and Helpers ® Herbal Workshops can include Explore your Element, Learn how to create delicious, healthy herbal drinks, create and customise simple herbal products to enhance your life and have fun.

Provides practical skills, advice and guidance on health promotion to safely enhance your life using herbs. Nourish and enhance your life from a psychological, dietary and health perspective.

To book and see about the latest Workshops available click here

First Consultation (1 hour)

£42.00 (VAT incl.)

Subsequent Visits (45 minutes)

£25.20 (VAT incl.)

Workshops (1 day 10am-5pm)
Includes FREE gift worth up to £5.00

£42.00 (VAT incl.)

Constitutional Analysis or Iridology (1 hour)

£48.00 (VAT incl.)

Herbal Medicine approximately

£5.40 to £6.00 per week (VAT incl.)

Repeat prescriptions only (to dispense)

£3.60 (VAT incl.)

Other items as per clinic price list.

Herbs and Helpers ® is VAT registered. VAT Number: GB 366828748

Initial consultations take approximately an hour including full case history, blood pressure and urine test. After which dietary advice and the appropriate Herbal Medicine can be prescribed.

A review of progress takes place after 3-4 weeks usually lasting 30-40 minutes where any relevant physical examinations and adjustments to treatment are made.

Herbal Medicine may take the form of whole plant extracts in tincture (liquid) form, dried herbs to be boiled or concentrated powders. Tablets, creams, capsules, oils etc. may also be prescribed as needed.

Herbal Medicine has a very wide ranging action on the body and can be used long term safely, if necessary, without side effects developing. Although the aim is to restore the harmony of the body's systems as quickly as possible. Assessments are done on a holistic basis and therapy tailored to the individual. 

All Chinese herbs are rigorously tested within Europe to current European standards to ensure safety and efficacy and comply fully with the C.I.T.E.S. rules/convention on endangered species.

Herbs and Helpers ® operate total traceability procedures for every batch of product, received, used, prescribed or made, to ensure safety and reliability.  

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Nature's Health Store,
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Consultations available at the clinics above.
You can book online up to 2 days in advance or telephone 01900 826392.

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Plant Walks

Join local herbalist Lorraine Hodgkinson for a journey of awareness along the river Cocker, discovering some of its botanical delights. In conjunction with local pottery artist Joan Hardie of Bitter Beck Pottery, Cockermouth who derives inspiration from plants in her work.


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