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   Aug 10

5 Herbal Remedies For Knee Injury

However, if there is no dislocation of the patella, you may not need to go to the doctor. Sprinters, soccer stars and volleyball players need instant pain relief and that is why they use non steroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicines. But you can take the help of herbs. As a preliminary measure apply some ice on the knee for resolving the pain immediately. Now get down to prepare some herbal potions and ointments to cure pain and inflammation. There are quite a few herbal remedies for knee injury. Let us explore some of these.

Herbal Remedies For Knee Injury

Comfrey Root

This is known as a healing herb. It is used in wounds and for pain relief. The rosmarinic acid in comfrey root is anti-inflammatory in nature. When your knee is injured the response of immune system of your body leads to inflammation of the knee. This can be treated with comfrey root. It is also analgesic in nature.

Mash some comfrey root and make a poultice with few drops of honey which is also anti-inflammatory in nature. Apply this poultice on the injured area and its surroundings. Use this at least twice a day and also as soon as the incident happens soon after rubbing some ice on it.


Perhaps this is the most celebrated pain relieving herb throughout the world. It is also used in homeopathy. It has been seen that chemicals in arnica have the ability to reduce the effect of prostaglandin, hormones that cause pain. Arnica ointments and tinctures are available in the drugstores. Apply any of these on the painful areas.


This is another anti-inflammatory herb that is used extensively for pain relief. It is especially useful for treating joint pains like knee pain.

The boswellic acid present in this herb are strongly anti-inflammatory in nature. Use this herb on the painful areas. The inflammation and pain will come down considerably.

Cats Claw

This herb contains natural sterols. These are organic compounds that are analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature. This creeper herb originated from the jungles of amazon, but has spread to other areas now.

It is considered to be one of the best herbs for reducing joint pains such as knee pain. Apply extracts of cats claw on the knee to get relief.

Calendula, Black Walnut And Marshmallow

A combination of Calendula flower, black walnut leaves and marshmallow root can work wonders for your knee injury that is giving you constant pain. A warm compress containing all these herbs along with some other can reduce the pain within a few minutes.

For this simmer some chopped calendula flower, black walnut leaves and marshmallow root in a bowl for at least 10 minutes. Now strain the mixture and apply a warm compress of the resulting liquid. You will get instant relief.

Source: findhomeremedy.com

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