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Selected Boxed Chinese Teas (4)

Common Name - Find your favourite Chinese Tea! Excellent gift.
Special Terms - Includes UK First Class postage
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Description: Not sure where to start? This set of 4 selected Chinese Teas contains 35g each of Green Tea, Lychee Tea, Jasmine leaf tea and Gunpowder green tea, as loose teas, for you to try out. Each comes in its own mini Chinese cardboard tea caddy!
Can be gift wrapped and sent to your favourite person, just let us know in the order notes. Ensure you enter the delivery address, any brief message and say that it is to be sent as a gift. We'll do the rest!

See other Chinese teas for individual descriptions.

Features: All Chinese teas are economical since they can be brewed 3-4 times before flavour is exhausted.

Usage: Start with a small amount e.g. 1 tablespoon to approx. 500mls (one pint of water) or half teaspoon per cup. Gradually increase as you get accustomed to the taste. Steep for at least 3-4 minutes to let the flavour develop.

Warm the pot first! Higher water temperatures are better at helping to develop the full flavour of your tea.

As soon as you reach the 'bitter' layer of the tea its time to fill up with boiling water again. Repeat until all flavour is exhausted.

No milk or sugar is necessary or used!

Health: Calming, one of the best antioxidants, can help fat metabolism.

Available. Ordered per shipment, check on current stocks.

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