What about Windows 7?

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What about Windows 7?

Postby bmadmin on Mon Nov 16, 2009 2:34 pm

Current version works fully with both Administrator and standard user accounts in Windows Vista and Windows 7! No Office needed, works with any Office installed though.

Set Batch Master PRO Desktop shortcut to 'Run As Administrator':

Right click the Batch Master PRO Desktop shortcut.
Select Properties, then select Advanced.
Check/tick 'Run As Administrator' box and Apply/Ok.

Double click the Desktop shortcut you should find BM opens normally!

Do Not Delete the Shortcut! Unless using Windows XP!

For Windows XP use the shortcut on the All Programs menu under Batch Master PRO folder. You can right click, copy and paste to your Desktop if you prefer.

The only known issues are:

Windows 7: When adding a new document to a customer or product record if you click the top browse file button a crash will result. To avoid this just browse using the other browse button! A warning message beforehand highlights this.

Windows Vista: The Backup facility needs compatibility settings changed to work fully. Full instructions given in help file and Essential Updates notice on installation. A one time easy fix, works fully as normal after this.
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