How to install from the 30 day free download!

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How to install from the 30 day free download!

Postby bmadmin on Sat Dec 16, 2006 8:29 pm

installation has now been streamlined! Follow the instructions given in the shop under the Free Download. One click operation sets installation rolling, please wait for Updates Complete at the end and please read info as going through.

The following is redundant for current version of Batch Master PRO, but still relevant for V1.0:

INSTRUCTIONS: (Follow this procedure carefully!)

1) At the end of the order process, scroll down and press the blue DOWNLOAD button. When the dialog box appears choose Save. Save to a location on your computer e.g. Desktop, My Documents etc.

2) After download has completed find the BatchMaster.exe file and double-click, click on Unzip. The files will want to unzip to C:\ which is essential for installation do not change the unzip location!

3) After unzip has finished go to My Computer and find the local disk or drive (C:) find and locate a file called BMSETUP.msi and double-click. Batch Master PRO installation will now proceed.

4) Once your computer has restarted, follow the Essential Updates Notice. Batch Master PRO should now be ready to use. Find start up icon from All Programs menu!

PLEASE NOTE: You should also REGISTER in the Batch Master Support Centre on this site for further free updates, installation support etc. This is the latest version of Batch Master PRO. It is essential to uninstall your old version first! A complete re-install is needed for it to work and changes to your data file if you are a previous customer. You should have been sent on update notice. If not then email

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