How to obtain a removal code

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How to obtain a removal code

Postby bmadmin on Fri Jan 27, 2006 12:38 pm

Why do I need a removal code?

If you want to move your licensed copy of Batch Master to another computer, upgrade to the latest version or remaster your existing computer then you will need another Activation Code. Obtaining a removal code guarantees that Herbs and Helpers will issue a new Activation Code for you. No removal code means you may have to pay for a new license/Activation Code.

What do I do?

First ensure that you have fully backed up your data file (BM_be.mdb) on an external medium (CD/DVD/External hard drive etc.) (See FAQ 12 in the BM Help file). Next open BM so that the License Activation screen is showing, then press the button 'Remove license' you will now need to copy and paste your original Activation Code for this installation of BM into the Activation Code box. Press Continue you will be asked do you really want to remove your license if you confirm then a separate box should now be showing on screen with a number inside THIS IS YOUR REMOVAL CODE PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF IT IMMEDIATELY. The next time you try to open BM you will find that the license has been removed and it is LOCKED.

Reloading Batch Master onto your computer/new computer:

To set Batch Master up again simply reload the CD or download the latest 30 day Free download from the website. Once installed send your removal code and new MID and Site Code to Herbs and Helpers (Press the Send codes button on the License Activation Screen, then add your removal code to the email). Once Herbs and Helpers have received these and the removal code is correct a new Activation Code will be emailed to you so you can re-license Batch Master. If you are upgrading Batch Master then you need to totally removed Batch Master first by using the Uninstall Batch Master option from the All Programs Batch Master menu. Click and follow on screen prompts, it is necessary to restart/reboot your computer after uninstall is complete. You are now ready to reinstall Batch Master onto your computer from the FREE download or CD.


If you experience any problems or errors then the best way to resolve this is to ensure Batch Master has been totally uninstalled and removed from your computer. You can achieve this by using the uninstall option from the All Programs Batch Master PRO menu (as outlined above) or start installation from CD or Free download and when asked do you want to Repair or Remove choose Remove. Once uninstall/remove has completed restart/reboot your computer, this finalises removal and ensures Batch Master can be reinstalled from fresh.

Restore your data:

Once Batch Master has been successfully reinstalled you can restore your previous data by copying your backed up data file into the Batch Master folder. Ensure your data file is renamed to BM_be.mdb then right click and select Copy. Navigate to the Batch Master folder on your computer: C:\Program Files\Batch Master\ 32 bit computers or C:\Program Files (x86)\Batch Master\ 64 bit computers right click in the folder and select Paste to copy your data file over the blank copy installed. The next time you open Batch Master if your data file needs updating then Batch Master will inform you and once you confirm will perform any automatic updates needed to make your data file work fully with the current version of Batch Master installed. Log on with your usual log in details and enjoy all the new features.

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